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Designer Duplicate Fragrances







Absinthe Type
Acqua e Zucherro Profumum Type
Addict Type
Alien Type
Almond Coconut Type
Aloha Tiare Type
Amazing Grace Type
Ambers Romance Type
Ambra del Nepal Type
American Dream
Amour de Cacao Type
Angel Type
Angelfood Cake Type
Angel Muse Type
Apple Jack N' Peel Type
Aqua Type
Aquolina Chocolovers Type
Aquolina Pink Sugar Type
Armani Code Type (W)
Baby Bee Buttermilk Bath Type
Baby Grace Type
Beach Type
Beautiful Type
Be Delicious Type
Be Delicious Blossom Type
Bergamot Amber Type
Beyond Paradise Type
Bikini Questa Type
Black Cashmere Type
Black Ice Type
Black Orchid Tom Ford Type*
Blue Type (W)
Bottega Vaneta (W) Type
Bottega Vaneta (M) Type
Burberry Type (M)
Burberry Body Type
Burberry Body Intense Type
Burberry Brit Type (M)
Burberry Brit Type (W)
Burberry London Type (M)
Burberry London Type (W)
Burberry My Burberry Type (W)
Burberry My Burberry Black Type (W)
Burberry Touch Type (M)*
Burberry Touch Type (W)
Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir Type
Bvlgari Pour Femme Type
Cafe Rose T. Ford Type
Caroline Herrera 212 VIP Type
Cartier Baiser Vole Type
Cashmere Type
Cashmere Silk Type
Chanel #5 Type
Chanel #5 L'Eau Type
Chanel #22 Type
Chanel Boy Type
Chanel Chance Eau Tendre Type
Chanel Chance Tendre Type
Cherry In The Air Type
Cherry Blossoms
Chergui Type
Child Type
Cinna Sugared Doughnut Type
Clean Type
Coach Type
Coach Love Type
Coach Poppy Type
Coco Mademoiselle Type
Coco Type
Coco Noir Type
Cornflower Narcotique Type
Cucumber & Melon Type
D & G Dolce Type (W)
D & G Light Blue Type (W)
D & G The One Type (M)
D & G The One Type (W)*
Daisy Type
Daisy Dream Type
Dark Kiss Type
Dear, I Bathed The Kids
Dentelle A La Vanille
DKNY Cashmere Mist Type
DKNY Cashmere Silk Type

Drakkar Noir Type Type (M)
Dubai Gold Bond #9 Type
Dubai Ruby Bond #9 Type
Dulce Carmelo Votivo Type
Exotic Blossom Type
Exotic Jasmine Type
Extreme Type
Fahrenheit Type (M)
Falling In Love Type
Fig Type
Fire Island Bond #9 Type
Fleur Musc Type
Flowerbomb Viktor & Rolf Type
Flowerbomb Dew Viktor & Rolf Type
Flowerbomb La Vie en Rose Viktor & Rolf Type
Flowerbomb Midnight Viktor & Rolf Type
Flowerbomb Rose Explosion Viktor & Rolf Type
Flower In The Air Type
French Kiss Guerlain Type (W)
Fresh Lemon Sugar Type
Fresh Vanilla B & BW Type
Frida Labdanum Le Labo Type
Frosted Snowdrops Type
Gabrielle Chanel Type
Ginger Peach Type
Gold M. Kors Type
Good Girl Type
Grey Vetiver (M) Tom Ford Type
Gucci Type (W)
Gucci II Type (W)*
Gucci Bloom Type (W)
Gucci Guilty Type (W)
Gucci Guilty The One (W)*
Gucci Guilty Intense Type (M)*
Gucci Guilty Intense Type (W)
Gucci Oud Type (M)
Gucci Premiere (W)
Guess Gold Type (W)
Happy Type
Heat Type (W)
Chocolate Type
Honey Type
Hypnose Type
Hypnotic Poison Type
Idole Type
Indecence Type
Innocent Illusion Type
Insolence Type
Island, Honey
Island Kiss Type
Island Nectar Type
Issey Miyake Type (M)
J'Adore L'Eau Type (W)
Jaipur Saphir Type (W)
Jasmin Rouge (W) Tom Ford Type
Jimmy Choo Type
Jolie Fleur Lavande Type
Joy Dior Type
Juicy Couture Type
Kai Type
Karma Type
Kenzo Flowers Type
L'eau D'Issey Type (L)
L de' Lolita Lempicka Type
Lait Sucre Type
La Vie Est Belle Type
Lolita Lempicka Type (W)
Lolita Lempicka Type (M)*
Lolita Lempicka Sweet Type (W)*
Love Relentlessly*
Matin Calin Type
Michael Kors for Women Type
Michael Kors Gold Type (W)
Miss Dior Cherie Type
My Life Blossom Type
Modern Muse Type
Mon Paris Type
Moonflower Narcotique Type
Narcisso For Her Type
Neroli Portofino (U) Tom Ford Type

'Nilla Pumpkin Marshmallow Type
'Nillary Type

Ocean Water Type
Oleander Gold Narcotique Type
One Million Type (M)
One Rose Type
Orange Blossom Type
Oui Juicy Couture Type
Ozothamnus Diosmifolius & Shea
Pacific Paradise Type
Pakalana Narcotique Type
Parisienne Type
Peony & Blush Suede Type
Phoenix Type (M)
Pink Type
Poison Girl Type
Prada Candy Type
Prada Candy Kiss Type
Prada Candy Night Type
Prada Candy Sugar Pop Type
Prada Infusion d'Iris Type
Prada Luna Rosa (M) Type
Prada Luna Rosa Carbon (M) Type
Pulse Type
Pure Grace Type
R*ck Star Type
Raspberry (Black) Vanilla Type
Raspberry & Sweet Mint Type
Rice Flower & Shea Type
Riviera Sun Type
Rose Jelly*
Rose Prick Tom Ford Type
Santal 33 Le Labo (U) Type
Sauvage (M) Type
Sexy Bomb
Sexy Sunset Type
Soleil Blanc Tom Ford Type
Si Armani Type
Si Fiori Armani Type
So NY Bond #9 Type (U)
Snow Fae L*sh Type
Sugar Blossom Type*
Sugared Shortbread Type
Sunset Heat Type
Suspense Type
Sweet Cravings Type
Sweet Like Candy Type
Tahitian Waterfall Type
Taj Sunset Type (W)
The Scent Of Peace Bond #9 Type (W)
Tihota Type
Tobacco Vanille Tom Ford Type
Tolu Type
Tory Burch Type
Touch Type (U)
Tranquil Breeze (W) Type
Trouble In Heaven Type
Turquoise Type
Turquoise Summer Type (W)*
Un Bois Vanille Type
Vaniglia del Madagascar Type
Vanilla Fig Type
Vanilla Lace Type
Vanilla Noel
Vanilla Noir Type
Vanille Abricot Type

Vanille Banane Type
Vanille Coco Type
Vanille Musk Type
Villain Type
Violet Blonde (W) Tom Ford Type
Violet Bouquet B & BW Type
Viva La Juicy Type
Viva La Juicy Gold Type*
Viva La Juicy Noir Type
Warmest Vanilla Sugar
White Citrus Type
White Patchouli TF Type*
Woman Type
Womanity Type
Wonderwood Type
Wood Coffee Type
Wood Sage & Sea Salt JM Type



DISCLAIMER: Earthen Treasures does not sell the original fragrance.  Our fragrance oils are not for direct use on the skin. 
Customers should not confuse our fragrances with "the real thing".


* Designates fragrances that are very low stock or out of stock.  Please check when ordering these fragrances.
* Fragrances to be discontinued