Liquid Shea Butter

Our Liquid Shea Butter is obtained by crushing the fruit of the Shea Tree (no solvent is used). It is then stabilized with Tocopherol (natural vitamin E). The mechanical process reduces the extraction rate, but generates a Shea Butter of the highest quality. The perfect treatment for dry irritated or desquamated skin, to improve skin softness and suppleness, its insaponifiable fraction provides protective, softening and lubricating properties. Shea butter contains fatty acids and phytosterols (the biological substances of certain hormones and vitamins) which provide an exceptionally even and smooth spread and absorption.

Liquid Shea Butter is exceptional as a massage oil or a spot treatment and can be used alone!  We purchase only the best quality liquid shea butter on the market.  This liquid butter is wonderful for dry, damaged, thirsty skin!  Your skin will love you for using it!

We also have many customers (including ourselves) who use this product to help condition the hair.  Just spray on lightly before you add styling aids or spray lightly before spending the day out in the hot sun!

A little of this product will go a long way.




Unscented is also available upon request