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4/5/18 I'm back, lol! I haven't had the best of luck lately. Its now been 3 months since I had 3 bones removed from my right wrist. My physical therapy is over and I have 75% use of it. I'm lucky. I suffered with it broken for 5 months until the doctors decided to do an mri :) I was told after an xray at our hospital it wasn't broken, by month four I knew it was.
It's been rough learning how to reuse it, type, etc., but this is the best its going to get.
Watch where you put your hands when leaving the house someone may slam the door on your wrist!

Our supplier no longer sells the shea & aloe base so I have created our own. It is exremely low on grease! Yay! Also is the luscious mango shea butter that will be going up very soon!

A reminder please, if you forget to order something please do not put in two orders. Send a email & let me know. I will put your add on in with the shipping. This way PayPal does not take double the fees & we will ship your order together. If you put in two separate ordersI will have to cancel the orders & re-invoice you which is a pain for you.

New customers, when you order, shipping IS NOT included in your original payment from PayPal. We will bill you separately when your order is complete. Individuals that fail to answer their email will be billed this date forwards for any and all materials we have to use to contact you. This is your responsibility to leave a email address with us that you actually use. I cant ship your order until you pay your shipping invoice. You can't pay your shipping invoice unless you access the account on file with PayPal. This will get your order to you quicker and will certainly benefit you.