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Original Fragrances







Almond Crème Cake
A yummy blend of sweet cake, cream
& almond

Angel Wings
A soft blend of baby powder & vanilla.

Beach Baby
Coconut, succulent mango & juicy peaches make up this tropical scent

Beach Goddess
Blends of coconut, pineapple & peaches have made this a mouthwatering best seller

Cherry Citrus
A perfect blend of wild cherry, orange essential and lemon essential oil

Citrus Burst
Our special blend of sweet orange, lemon & lime essential oils

Citrus Lemonade
Scrumptious blends of blood & sweet orange, tart lemon & tangerine with a hint of lime blended together for this perfect citrus scent.

Coconut Mango

Coconut & Mango blended together to give
you this wonderfully tropical fresh scent

Coconut Peach

Tropical coconut & sweet juicy peaches combined to make a mouthwatering scent

Coconut Raspberry
Coconut & tart fresh raspberries, yummy

Fairy Flowers
Our special blend of rose, jasmine & lilac sprinkled with fairy dust

Honeysuckle Rose
Sweet honeysuckle & white roses

Our own blend of lemon essential oil &
creamy vanilla

A blend of fresh lemon & orange with cashmere, sandalwood, caramel, raspberry, cotton candy & notes of musk

Marshmallow Cupcake

Notes of sticky sweet marshmallow cream
& sweet white cake

Northern Lights
A combo of yummy fruits mixed with
musk & fir

Orange Cream
Sweet tangy oranges & creamy vanilla

Pineapple Jasmine
White jasmine & tangy pineapple

* Out of stock
* To be discontinued

Pink Bon Bon
Delicious, fudgey, chocolate truffles filled
with yummy pink stuff

Pink Snow Flakes
Snowflakes, caramel, cotton candy, soft
musk, sandalwood & delicate winter flowers

Sticky Fingers
A blend of cinnamon buns, vanilla,
buttercream and brown sugar, mouthwatering

Sweet Nothings
Jasmine & vanilla musk rounded out by a
secret ingredient

Tempeste di Vaniglia
Soft cashmere and jasmine are wrapped with vanilla in notes of light woods, patchouli and ambered musk

Tropical Yum Yum

Sweet juicy mango & pineapple with sliced banana sprinkled with coconut

White Sugar
Ultra sweet vanilla blended with caramel,
berry,  a bit of candy & musk