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Miscellaneous Fragrances







Star anise, fennel, green herbal notes,
melissa, cinnamon, nutmeg with base
notes of amber & woods

Amoure Dolce

Whisps of spice, greens, floral and woods. Wrapped with orange, balsam, jasmine, rose and vanilla. A pure clean scent

Baby Powder
Exactly like baby powder

Bite Me
A fresh blend of lime & orange with a succulent blend of berry & cherry; leafy
green accents adds intensity on a base of
vanilla to bring out the sweetness in this

Black Linen and Amber
Fresh cotton & ozone notes followed by
white blossoms with a base of cashmere, amber, musk & patchouli

Bora Bora
Fragrance oil blends of sweet pineapple, acai berry, mango zest, tart passion fruit, yuzu zest, green apple, orchid leaves, and musky nuances.

Butt Naked

A sexy yet playful blend of apple, pear,
melon, vanilla & musk

Cashmere & Cotton
A comforting scent of pomelo, bergamot, vanilla, sandalwood, musk & drop of

Clothes Pins
Clean, freshly dried laundry with a warmth from the summer sun-not your usual laundry scent, but a best seller

Dragon's Blood
A soft oriental blend of orange, rose with a exotic warm base of patchouli & hidden
creamy vanilla

Fata Morgana
Firmly grounded with Moroccan thyline
wood, mysore sandalwood, Egyptian
musk, with exotic spices, a heart of red Marrakech amber, red tea, Turkish red rose, topped with Valencia orange, Sicilian femminnello lemon & sweet Lattarula Fig, Mexican torch flower & French mimosa
with a bright, sensually intense dry down
of woodsy base notes

Gilded Amber
This warm sensual oriental amber is enriched
with notes of bergamot and citrus, velvety roses and fragrant lily of the valley with a
rich comforting dry down of balsam, cedar, rosewood and sandalwood


Lick Me All Over
A succulent blend of creamy vanilla, sweet juicy orange, pineapple & maraschino cherries

Mermaid Kisses
Top notes of ocean mist, sea moss & dewy cyclamen petals; followed by middle notes
of geranium, water mint & coriander seed
with base notes of white cedarwood &
earthy vetiver


A mouth watering aroma of juicy candied apples & pomegranate, with a touch of
fresh ivy & oakmoss-flirty

Monkey Farts
Ripe bananas blended with juicy grapefruit, mandarin oranges, kiwi, coconut cream,
pink raspberries, strawberries & ripe apples

Pixie Dust
A fresh, clean scent with aloe, greens & a touch of citrus twist-this screams green

Queen Of The Nile
Oh so sensual, mysterious & exotic. This complex fragrance is a perfect blend of
ancient lands. I detect sandalwood, exotic woods, a touch of patchouli & amber.

Red Hat
A lush bouquet of purple violets tied with
red roses, accented with hints of jasmine
and ribboned fresh garden greens

Reindeer Poop

Cozy notes of hot cocoa, steamed milk, vanilla cream and maple sugar.

Rosewood Musk

A floral sandalwood with violet & red rose petals, spicy rosewood & ylang ylang on a sensual base of soft musky sandalwood (you can not detect the rose-rosewood & sandalwood are predominate)

Satin Sheets
Notes of violet, fresh jasmine, musk, blackberries, vanilla and a hint of green top notes all blended into a seductive base of
white & dark chocolate-so very sexy

A blend of white flowers, peonies, wild jasmine, red roses & fresh lavender-a wild, naughty notice me fragrance

* Out of stock
* To be discontinued


Sex In The Shower
A juicy blend of orange, cherry, peach, pineapple and vanilla.

Sex On The Beach
A tropical citrus blend of pineapple, grapefruit & orange

Sexy As Sin
A sexy floral blend of gardenia, tuberose, sweet vanilla & exotic musk

Sheer Seduction

A sensual blend of African violets &
lily of the valley compliment the hint of
kiwi, lime & grapefruit

Snowman Poop

Notes of morning frost, candied peppermint,
cinnamon sticks and spruce.

Strawberry Musk
A heady sweet, irresistible scent! A
musky blend of sweet strawberries, patchouli, sandalwood, cedar, creamy
vanilla & white musk

Sultry Angel
Layers of seductive musk, creamy vanilla
& molasses-who would have ever thought
this combination would be so good

Sweet Amber Musk
A deeply sensual erotic scent. A secret
blend of Amber & sexy musk

Tonka Bean & Soft Sugar
This fragrance has a warm hay like
slightly smoky heart of roasted tonka
beans scent with top notes of orange,
petitgrain & bergamot, blended with spicy cloves & violets in a perfectly balanced
base of cedarwood, patchouli & vanilla

Vanilla Musk
Creamy French vanilla & warm musk,
this is a unisex fragrance

Vanilla Voodoo
Alluring, intriguing, earthy, woodsy very sensual & deep but not sweet vanilla

Warm Blanket

A warm sensual fragrance with
rosewood & cedar blending into deep rich
spicy cloves, everlasting vetiver & dark rich

White Witch

A sultry earthy blend of essential &
fragrance oils-patchouli, frankincense,
myrrh, sandalwood, vanilla, musk, with a hint of rose & magic

Winter Linen
Notes of crisp bergamot, orange blossom, fresh sun dried linen, Egyptian jasmine, white florals, East Indian sandalwood,
musk & cashmere