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Shipping Policies
We no longer charge for shipping at the time that you pay & place your order.  When your order is complete you will receive a invoice from PayPal for your shipping charges.  We regret that we have had to take this step but we were losing money on the shipping.  Delivery confirmation is included.

We WILL NOT be held responsible for lost or stolen orders UNLESS it is in some way Earthen Treasures fault that your order was lost/stolen.  We would like to be able to see that our customers receive their orders and replace the ones that don't but we can't.  It wouldn't be fair for us to pick and choose (re:  replace cheaper orders and not larger expensive ones) which orders we would replace at our expense.

We ship the cheapest & safest way possible (re: to protect your order).  If you would like a different shipping option please let us know.  If you would like insurance please let us know when you place your order (instruction box on PayPal check out).

Our shipping charges cover exact shipping cost & any PayPal fees incurred in the actual purchasing of the shipping label through PayPal. We do add a 0.25 fee to help defer packaging cost that are NOT included in the product pricing.

Yes, we do ship internationally!  Most of our customers orders ship first class international & priority mail international.  If you have an alternate shipping method please contact us.