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Our Soaps

The following soaps are available in the fragrance of your choice.  We currently offer goats milk or cocoa-shea butter (others where listed).  Please note - this is not cold/hot process soap.  Our soap needs to be well drained after use to prolong the life of your soap.

In most cases it will take an extra day for soap orders; it may take longer than 1 day if many soaps are ordered, or the weather is humid. If you would like to see a photo please contact us, alot was lost in the transfer of domains but we still have many of them.

Animal Soaps Angel & Fairy Soaps Mythical Soaps
Raccoon  Fairy #1  Mermaid 
Wolf Cub  Fairy #2  Treeman
Lion Cub  Fairy #3 Kokepelli
Bear Cub Fairy #4
Pigs In a Bucket Sprite #1 Seasonal Soaps
Southwestern Bear Sprite #2 Teddy Bear & Stocking
Elephants & Flowers Sprite #3 Melting Snowman
Elephant Angel Reindeer
Sleeping Bear Cub Cherub Guest  Christmas Gingers
Decorated Christmas Tree
Flowers Soaps 3D Soaps
Humming Bird & Lilies Magnificent Rose Miscellaneous
Cherry Blossoms Many Shells Basic Shape
Butterfly & Flowers Crawling Baby Country Hat #1
Magnificent Rose Baby Blocks Country Hat #2
Humming Bird & Flowers Baby Bottle Dove Pair On Heart

Roses on Heart

Baby Booties

Mermaid Chubby Gingerbread Men

Naturals Soaps

Mermaid on Sand Dragonfly

Macintosh Apple

Floppy Eared Bunny Sleepy Time Bear & Moon
Almond, Milk & Honey Baby Bunny Lighthouse & Dolphins
Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Wolf Nude Woman On Beach
Lemon Poppy Seed Grizzly Bear Ballerina
Sitting Pig Mouse Sleeping On Leaf
Bakery Soaps Sitting Puppy Dirty Girl
Bakery Cake #1 Tiny Turtle Dirty Boy
Heart Bakery Cake #2 3D Teddy Bear Red Neck
Cupcake #1 Be ... otch!
Mini Donuts Children's Soaps Welcome Baby
Mini Cupcakes Noah's Ark Rearing Stallion
Petite Fours Toy Train Shell With Starfish On
Gingerbread Man Cupcake Toy Car Dome With Gecko On 
Farm Animals Large Turtle
Dolphin Pair